Travelog: Most ancient and omnipresent desire of the world. Day 7

Apart from ever-present casinos, late night bars, signature food joints, live shows (erotic and otherwise), music and lots of other fanfare, Vegas is destination for unique museums and curio shops. Last time we were in Vegas, we devoted last day to such excursion that includes “never-before-seen” take on human body; museum of Bodies. Straight out of the Cronenberg minds, many bodies were exposed to get the glimpses of various internal organs and systems. Unique and knowledgeable. This time it was Erotic Heritage museum. Again, it was unique and knowledgeable. And where would you get the non-judgmental open mind liberal visit to such display other than Vegas ?

My conservative geriatric "Censor board" mind cuts in: That which contributed to most of population explosion in India, still considered taboo as topic of discussion. Whatever comes next is going to be mostly about erotica and stuff about reproducing "systems". Feel free to opt out of reading (that is if people still reading my blogs:)

While skimming through “fingerbone” like various bones on display, varying in size from comparatively long and sturdy to respectively small and fragile, in one dedicated section on penises in Erotic Heritage museum, I realized that lot of mammals have penis bones except human. That puzzled me. And this was just one such curiosity out of many that had aroused during our visit of two floors of erotic material in the name of artistic display, pictures, infographics, historical facts and findings, modern survey, scientific notes and lot more. There were many “attractions” to see and read. Starting with the key role sex and fornication played in political history to futuristic “imaginations”, first floor was dotted with lots of informative stuff rather than cheap “show-off” considering the fact that erotica was prime subject. I was happy to find reproductions of ancient “Kamasutra” depictions very precisely categorized under Indian contribution to age old erotic universe. It took more time than what we anticipated to go through various sections covering psychology, physiology, biology, history and politics on sex and erotica. More than titillations, tidbits on sex in the lives of major political figures the likes of Hitler to Clinton were surprising and fresh. While witnessing the silky panties of Eva brown (girlfriend of Adolf Hitler for 16 years), I could not manage to stifle the idea that proper usage (or non-usage) of its owner at precisely opportune moments might have, least changed the course of WWII towards unexpectedly happy times, most averting it altogether.

After quick airport rental car drop-off, we were left to wander Vegas strip one last evening to conclude the trip. Passing over picturesque bridge with gently floating gondola underneath, false but serene mute Italian sky inside hotel Venetian was the experience you want to relieve again and again. It was crowded but sound of joy and laughter around you had perfectly contributed to holiday season. Having a taste of authentic Italian dishes in Canaletto was like having the superb concluding desert after satisfying meal.

Really long P.S.: Revisiting my curiosity; why human penis do not have bones. One of the most erudite book, The selfish gene by Richard Dawkins, had attempted the answer. Though it takes a book to understand the whole evolutionary reason, I could very well want to satisfy the itch of readers like me as much as I could. When it comes to passing on the genes, each gene (or set of genes) and its owner body (mammals) are selfish. They wants to spread as much as possible. Passing the genes to next generation needs cooperation from both males and females. And here lies the catch. From mammals point of view, female always contribute more in terms of eggs towards passing on her genes to offspring. Eggs were less in quantity and needs more resources to produce. On the other hand, and I like the way “The selfish gene” book puts forward, sperms are cheap. This in turn gives males more leverage on reproducing whenever they get a chance. In short, more leaning towards polygamy (or affairs for human). Most of the child bearing is carried out by female. Female invest more energy and time to bring up the offspring that might still carry father’s genes with 50% probability. Fathers do not have anything to commit.

P.S. still continues: Now comes the interesting part. From gene’s perspective residing in the male’s body, it’s always beneficial to spread the sperm as much as they can to generate as many offspring as they can. Sounds familiar for some humans. Blame it on evolution. At the same time, female wanted to make male invest more, so as later on, when child bearing and caring time comes, male won’t back away due to invested time and effort. If both defects and go their own way then offspring has very little chance to survive and that won’t serve any of the gene residing in male/female body any purpose. It seems this stand-off developed into something where male shows off their masculinity through some physical properties. Erection is one of them. And getting one without bone is major achievement. By showing off, they wanted to commit in relationship and “invest” to future generation. Obviously, this was not done openly but nuances are developed to show off. Faith of females play deciding factor here. If she feels that males are just showing off and defect or cheat later, “deal” won’t go further. Evolutionary sense was developed in females to sniff out defector or promiscuous males (Always remember, your wife has keen sense, almost like sixth sense, when you are cheating). Female do not commit easily in such cases. At some point, this “showing-off” and “faith in male boner” had resulted in getting off the bone from penis of humans. As if trying to get “deal signed” by showing an erection without bone. Other females of mammal might be more lenient towards erection and hence male “boner” is still there. Its all about trade off, investment and reward. Here reward for both party is that their offspring should survive and grow up to continue the cycle. Whoever can get off cheaply, will do it, and other has to take the burden. At some point during human evolution, it seemed that females wouldn’t have too much faith with bone in the penis and hence male had to lose it.

One more sexual prefrencial behavior of humans, especially males, in having unexplained attraction in female’s large bosoms and posterior has answers in evolution. But that should wait for some other time.

Date of visit: 26-Dec-2021

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  1. Rakesh

    Vipul – you write well, study, experience and then write which reflects in your writing. Just get rid of heavy boulders ( heavy words) they are holding you back, try saying same thing with simple words and only use boulders judiciously


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