Travelog: Most wonderful time of the year, Day 1

It’s that time of the year when all around the world, spirits lifted high and mighty, homes were decorated and illuminated with wonderful holiday celebration as if to cast out the looming shadow of COVID (and now Omikron) shrouding the world again and again. Whether its festival of light in the East or hot chocolate and s’mores scented chilly winters of West, everyone wants to snuggle up and let the worries drifted away in rising smoke of lighted diyas or good oven bake or winter campfires. It’s the month of December. It’s that time of the year when end of the year brings more joy to welcome something new. Its time when mantlepiece were dusted off along with old unfulfilled resolutions to replace them with new and invigorating. It’s time to gain additional fat trying festive food and let the gym membership fee lapsed for a while awaiting renewal for new year. Time to pick up that book logged under wishful reading since long and never had the free time to indulge into. Time to brush up the rules you had forgotten for your favorite board game and impress your playing partners. Time to clear out the backlog of unfinished computer games and start buying new one for new year over prolonged and frequent holiday discounts. Time to visit old places with new vigor or new place altogether and work on the travel plan well in advance. And this time we had something special in mind that was mix of both, old that we already have been to and new in the name of Grand Canyon.

Las Vegas again

It was the best of times (December of 2017), it was the very best of times (December of 2020).

We visited Vegas in the year of 2017. Month was also December but much earlier than Christmas. One of my accompanying friends commented at that time that there was something alluring about the ever-going “tings” of slot machines and buzz of the many casino floors littered wherever you roam on strip. Something lurid and mesmerizing about glowing Vegas strip and its cannabis smoked walkways adjoining famous resorts and hotels. At the time of Christmas, added flowery festive decorations everywhere were making Vegas fairytale destination for all kinds of vacationers. It was mesmerizing at that time. It was mesmerizing now in the year of 2020.

Travel Plan: Las Vegas was base of operation for Day 1. We had flight till Vegas where we have already booked rental car for further venture towards Grand Canyon. Plan was to complete the circuit of travelling spots in and around Grand Canyon from Vegas and come back to relax last couple of days (nights!!) in Vegas before journey back. 

Travel Advisory: Even though Grand Canyon seems like off season visiting spot in winter, expect much more crowd than what "off-season" demands for. Grand Canyon village park is well packed and do not tarry bookings for lodges and resorts inside park. They booked fast, irrespective of winter. Masks are mandatory throughout inside the lodges and hotels, whether its Vegas or Grand Canyon. No need to mention that always go through local state guidelines for travel along with flight travel requirements given the current COVID situation.

By the time we landed, took care of all rental car formalities and drive out of massive rental car central building towards our one-night stay at Sahara, LV, night was seeping into already dark sky. As usual, roads were beginning to clog with vehicles and pavements were more crowded than roads themselves with pedestrians. Allure was there but we had to retire early given the fact that we had to start early next day heading towards Grand Canyon and covering few of the time-consuming spots on the way.

Date of Visit: 20-Dec-2020

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