Travelog: Call of the wild, Day 3

It was clear sky. Though sun was shining bright, cold was lingering in the air like an obstinate lover you won’t get rid of. Snow was still soft and playable in splotches all across the Grand Canyon village. If such a crisp day was not good enough for Grand Canyon then it wouldn’t going to get better for sure for visitors in December. Our first stop was what our last stop previous day, Yavapai Tavern, but refreshment had been replaced with early morning caffeine and light breakfast. We had something “on-the-go” for lunch to save daylight and to enjoy Grand canyon thoroughly. And what a grand enjoyment Grand Canyon was.

Economic mind informs: It seems that December is off-season for visiting Grand canyon. This is myth. No season is off-season and resorts and lodges inside Grand Canyon national park sells fast. If you don't find options to stay in Grand Canyon village then best bet is Tusayan, nearest town to Grand Canyon (15 minutes by Car). Grand canyon national park entry fee is $35 per vehicle that is valid for a week. 

Traveler neuron pitches in: There is one visible advantage to visit Grand canyon in months of winter (December to February). Famous hermit road track that is only open for tourist shuttles and commercial vehicles of Grand Canyon, is open for personal vehicles.

Your first stop should be Grand canyon visitor center. One stop for all kinds of information. As we were well informed about our day plan, we started with Hermit road and all scenic overlooks and points along the way. This 7 miles stretch is littered with 9 amazing vista points. Though each overlook gives slightly different view of grand canyon, each in itself must be visited at least once to admire the grandeur of majestic natural wonder called Grand Canyon. Its futile to capture the magnificence of something that had been in process of creation since millions of years into insignificant digital photos. But amazing vista on present had compelled us to get them immortalized as posted in this blog.

Beauty that killed the beast

One, looking to small pathetic emerald ribbon of a Colorado river snaking through super-massive multi-colored rock cliffs, might not understand the power of it. Add one more dimension of time to whole formula and one realizes that giant of rocks are nothing but silent victim to brutal carvings and destruction by that same small river of water. Like the saying, small blade cuts deep. However hard your mettle is, time kills all. It was difficult to imagine that whole of this Grand canyon area was flooded million years ago. Over time, power of air and water had sculpted this massive canyon. Different layered rocks presents wonderful display of time and age. Snow on previous days had added marvelous contrast of white and grey to otherwise colorful display. Hermit road trail along the canyon rim was proven adventurous to explore different angles to the Grand canyon due to its snow covered slick walk.

As we planned the whole day inside Grand canyon, we took our sweet time to admire beauty of the Grand canyon throughout the Hermit road scenic route. We had a quick visit to geological museum situated nearby famous Yavapai point. It was very informative and useful to know the geological science behind Grand canyon especially the fact that most ancient of the bedrocks of Grand Canyon are named after the oldest of Hindu mythological deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Rama. Though we did not observe much wild-life, some homo sapience sapience going crazy over selfie/photos as close as possible to valley by climbing down, jumping, teetering on edge of the non-designated areas slick with ice and snow, had made us forget about them completely.

Get up-to-date information below on Hermit road route.

As sun shied away in evening behind valley rocks with orange and pink shroud, “obstinate lover” returned back with more ferocious intent. And this time it brought his bully pals, grey clouds and high wind. Rocks were getting colder and colder by minute. Sun was dipping away as quickly as possible with no promise of spectacle. We had retired back to quick night stroll in Tusayan and gas fill-up. And back to cozy lodge with hope of a one more bright day to get more fill of Grand canyon next day. We were not aware that what we were going to get was more than what we prayed for.

Date of Visit: 22-Dec-2021

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