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Horror Hound weekend ,IN 2019

Micheal Myers was intently searching for its next prey. Throngs of passerby had not amused themselves much to his presence which was making him uneasy. He was fiddling silently inside his faded off-white coveralls with his butcher knife. His almost whitewashed “skin” mask was betraying any emotions he might have shown otherwise. Just then he stood motionless, eyeing someone who was mirroring him not in action but in appearance also. His “mirror-image” had all matching traits,; same face mask, same coverall, same gait, same stature, even same butcher knife which they were brandishing now to everyone’s surprise. Just one thing was out of sync. Replica Michael Mayer was having reduced size, like some kid. For few tense moments, both Michael Myers, one full size, one small, stared each other from behind their same skin masks, accessing each-other, contemplating threat, before moving on to their own way for everyone’s chagrin.

Abundance of Michael Myers
My favorite part of Silent Hill (The Game)

This was Horror Hound weekend.

Prospect of 2019 Halloween brought with it one of the special weekend to Indianapolis; Horror Hound weekend. If

– you belong to those who binge watch Saw series so that next time you visit any tool-shed, your mind churn out devilish ideas about “game you want to play”

– you belong to slasher lover group who even after watching countless same slasher movies, keep visualizing how effectively slash someone else yourself

– you love to gobble up your Stephan king, Dean Koontz, Nick Cutter, Lovecraft, Koji Suzuki, Joe Hill and many more till you drop dead out of hunger as you forgotten to eat

– Fear makes you more aware of life and hence psychologically more attracted towards horror than other emotion.

– Or just simple everyday person loving horror themed everything

Then Horror Hound weekend is for you. And only for people your kind.

Presence of Pennywise was mandatory
Creepy, Gross, Nightmarish….. was norm

Basically Horror Hound weekend was event much like “comic-con” but everything related to horror. Vendors selling abundant amounts of horror themed masks, t-shirts, books, movies and other merchandise were impressive. Cos-play was usual and bursting with enthusiasm for the penchant of being authentic and realistic. Entire convention hall was giving feeling of some slasher/exploitation/splatter movie set. Decapitated known monsters heads were eyeing everyone keenly along with their unknown, emerged from Lovecraftian mythos abyssal.

There was no place for cute and innocence. All teddy bears in horror form.

One of the delightful highlight of the Horror Hound was showing of short and full feature length horror movies from emergent creators throughout whole weekend. Visitors not attending the shows could quenched their blood-lust from various vendors selling the accomplished collection of 70, 80 and 90s grind-house and B-movies (in unrated quality).

Most appeasing feat of Horror Hound weekend was it’s stellar cast of celebrities. Even though you were not planning to spend something on close counters and photo-ops, placement of each celebrity was such that you could easily get the full glimpses of them, sitting or roaming around freely, without any hindrance. Special guests had famous names such as Patrick Wilson (Conjuring, In the tall grass, Watchmen…), still heart throbbing Carla Gugino ( Gerald’s Game, Spy Kids, Sin city and many more), Malin Akerman (Watchmen, Rampage), Neve Campbell (Scream movie series, Wild things), Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill, Pitch Black and many more), Robin Tunney ( End of Days, Prison Break), The “Jigsaw” Tobin Bell (Saw series), Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach from movie Watchmen), Lin Shaye (Insidious series), Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter), Rose McGowan (Scream, Planet Terror), David Arquette (Scream series) and lots of other famous members from from horror media. 

All in all, it was fun day other than regular conventions. 

Date of Visit: 07-Sep-2019

All types of creepy clowns

Popcon, IN, 2019

Popcon 2017 was my first “con” event in 2017 after arrival in Indianapolis, IN. It was mesmerizing. After skipping 2018 event in lieu of other travels and visits, I picked up chance to visit this year in 2019. Unfortunately, apart from some blazing exceptions, it was kind of “meh” event. Might be due to great expectations on my part, but still Popcon 2019 was like body without spirit, like beautiful visage of flower missing sweet nectar within.

Let’s take a look at good, best and ugly parts of Popcon 2019, IN.


Cosplay…was again on par. Fans had clearly poured their hearts out into preparing costumes and playing the part. Some of them gone to extreme length (see below) considering the June summer heat.

Arcade and table-top Gaming: Arcade gaming had clearly saved the day for me from “deja-vu” wandering of the popcon 2019. Also presence of table-top gaming was most welcomed.


Same stores: Not much engaging stores apart from usual geeky clothing and paraphernalia. Not much variety in terms of art on display also. I also missed good comic stores.

Nothing special about special guests: It was like following the ritual to invite people related to pop culture industry without giving much thought and get it done with it just because it is ritual to invite someone at such pop culture event.


Visible spaciousness… in any “con” events itself speak a lot. It was not like convention hall was completely empty but this year it was comparatively less foot falls than usual. Stalls were less and not much there to at-least cover up space available for use of the convention hall.


Space Invaders in VR: one of the best experience of Popcon 2019 was playing space invaders in VR. VR setup was done using HTC vive and powerful supporting tower with VR enabled nvidia card by provider called Spectrum VR arcade (


Plank VR: I tried so called “plank” experience in VR which wants you to walk on narrow plank from top story balcony of Willis tower of Chicago and jump from it once you reached the edge ( yes, jump ). VR was more realistic and immersive than expected. ’nuff said.

All in all, this year’s Popcon was routine game which failed to hit “excitement” ball out of the park. Let’s see what happen to Comic-con 2019.

Date of visit : 08-Jun-2019.