Who Am I ?

I am an IT Professional approaching or say beginning mid-life amidst sprouting of gray hairs. As observed, being an IT person, I need to devote my energy and stressful mind to other interests like writing a blog to let the steam escape from mind and make the life more bearable.

I am a hardcore fanatic of Computer Gaming and also avid reader. Apart from this, I also affected by last syndrome of geekdom; Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and out of the breed movies. I got opportunities to travel to most exotic locations in Europe and enjoy food and culture there.

So this blog is going to be relentless ranting on all of the above stuff independently or mixed together to make the recipe tastes good along with some social reformation (in my own way) ideas and opposes sprinkled in.

At last: I believe in Science, everything else is illusion.

15 thoughts on “Who Am I ?

    1. Thanks. Yes being in IT industry has it’s own advantages. I love to experience the various culture as and when opportunity arises. Will continue travelling posts as lot’s of “backlog” is there 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for nomination. I got the idea but still didn’t go through the blog in fear of checking out the word beforehand. Will surely have a attempt once I secure appropriate and uninterrupted time slot :). Thanks again.

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  1. I just had a fleeting thought that when I reach your age, my About Me page is going to say the exact same thing as yours 😀 Minus the Exotic Europe travel probably, though how I wish I did that.

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