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Sin City: Family Values

Considering Vegas reputation, day started off sluggish and late on the next day of our arrival. Sunlight glinting off with golden hue from glass facade of Trump tower poured in as soon as marvelous strip view emerged from our Treasure Island hotel room window once curtains were aside. At other side of the strip two identical structures corresponding to hotels Encore and Wynn were showing off their best attractions on large size digital billboards. Day was just starting for Vegas at 10:00 in the morning.

Trump Tower at Las Vegas
Identical designs of Wynn and Encore
Shining Venezia

Due to coming Christmas festive time, all hotels on the strip were decorated with various Xmas fairy themes. Apart from that, all hotels also bear their own theme. Lynn was heavy on blossoming Xmas theme where flowers were main ingredient along with quaint little dreamy miniaturized towns. Dings of the slot machines and cacophony of roulette and blackjack tables intermixed with jingle tunes were doing spectacular effects of uplifting the mood for festivity and fun. Life-size carousal entirely made of flowers was taken straight out of the Disney’s fantastical movies.

Carousal made of Flowers at Wynn

Next on the list (and on the strip) was Venezia, residing beside Lynn. One of the striking feature of Vegas strip is all hotels were interconnected via cross-bridge or passages so that visitors can only leave when they really spent out, whether money or energy. Apart from imitating Venetian architecture adorning the outside of enormous hotel, inside was also furnished with famous canals and gondolas. Most striking feature was the false dome with eternal diffused blue sky with scattering of scarlet giving off the impression of setting sun.

Venice in Vegas


After capturing Caesars Palace’s in digital format from outside, we went ahead with flying visit to Flamingo’s famous food street.

During evening we had already planned to secure place in front of signature Vegas symbol, the famous Bellagio fountain. What time we had before fountain show starts was utilized to marvel at Christmas themes of the Bellagio hotel. Colorful Shogan warrior was adorning the foyer. In the back, impressionistic north pole created in wide area where polar bears made of white flowers frolicking around massive Christmas tree. Sky created in the dome was inspired from some of Van Gogh’s paintings (la starry nights).


In middle of 8.5 acre water body, thousands of spritzers shooting water jets to maximum of 460 feet in tune with Frank Sinatra or Jackson was sight to behold. Most calming and at the same time most energetic.

Bellagio Hotel at Las Vegas




Once the show finished, you turn back to marvelous re-creation of Eiffel Tower and arc de triomphe in all its glory at night-time accompanied by hot air balloon to complete the Paris world fair picture at and around Paris hotel. Though we had visited the real monuments in Paris it was the deja-vu of reminiscing past. Inside the Paris hotel, Casino floor was all bathed in Parisian vista of eye-catching props of small apartments  showcasing various stark black silhouetted couples against yellow light engaging in various activities. In one corner, theater stage was created mimicking opera style grandeur.


After witnessing the fire show at the Mirage, We had good north-Indian food at Tabla restaurant to get ready for long poisonous night.



Sin city: Hell and back

I am not good at numbers. Never was. I had barely the sense and mental prowess due to intoxication to solve the probability function which could have been not much beneficial anyhow considering how feeble human mind is when to choose between prayer and numbers displaying the probability. All I had was few seconds to decide; to envision the pattern and bet. I realized that bobbing of small roulette ball is most “adrenaline injecting” moment while you sip through Jack Denials. And getting what you predicted was elicit force to put more risk in next round.


Vegas at last. It was dream of me to be there. Not sure why. Might be due to that Bellagio fountain scene in “Ocean’s Eleven”. Might be due to fond memories of illuminating strip even in post-apocalyptic Nevada in “Fallout:New Vegas”. Might be due to impression from all entrainment media outlets promoting Vegas as kind of “pilgrimage” for the inebriated souls. Holy power center of all the probable sins humankind think of. And mostly due to the fun way you can take risk and get rewards. Trinity of money, girls and booze. If temples are created to search gods residing within human soul, purify it with prayers and faith to get ready for salvation and in the end heaven; places like Vegas might just want to find your inner demon, purify the body through most potent “alcohols”, satiating deepest wild desires burning your soul and mark it ready for hell. If you had will (and money), Vegas has the way.


So I had four nights and three days planned in Vegas during first week of December. Thought to accommodate other nearby places, mostly Hoover dam and Grand Canyon, but Vegas strip was more than exhausting enough for all days.

We arrived at the Vegas at early night on Friday; the initiation of blooming weekend. Nevada was devoid of any human presence from the air. Not a single twinkle of light. Sea of blackness and dark matter where still no star formation had started yet. In this vast black space, Vegas was illuminating like life supporting galaxy with thousands and thousands of heavenly bodies. Vegas is all about light and grandeur.


Hotel Treasure Island on the strip was our new home for Vegas stay. Travelling to the hotel gives flying night overview of the strip at night. Check inn was smooth. Rooms were comfy. And to relive the tiredness, my friend decided “to draw the first blood” at hotel’s casino.


Beginner’s luck on the high point of “pendulum” swing, roulette draw few lucky numbers on multiple occasions on which I choose to bet. Here it goes the vicious cycle of money, reward and luck. Economics or not but there is simple rule with money; more the reward, more the risk and more human greed.


Cashing out my first “earn” and again spending it on either alcohols or slot-machines or more roulette rounds was the recurring activity on the first night. Dings of rows of slot machines churning out “digital coins”, floating numbers everywhere, royal decor, kaleidoscopic view of drinks on the bar table, and alluring tune to invite people to bet, were the prime aspects of the dreams I had with whatever meager hours of sleep I managed to have.

Next day was planned to have trip of the strip in day to get hold of the lay and Christmas spirit and embrace the nightlife to wear off all the tiredness.

PS: This meant to be introductory blog to my three-day sojourn at Vegas. More coming up in parts with lots of amazing captured memoirs.