There are many positive impact of COVID-19 for those who want to retain optimistic view. Just like “glass half full” scenario. I believe I’m pessimistic by nature, but when everything spiraling downwards, my mind starts to see the light at the end of the darkened tunnel. However the last 2 years have been for you and your loved ones, one fact has emerged out of COVID situation is that journey with COVID epidemic was epic and full of ups and downs; just like life otherwise. Various perceptions have been tried and changed. Different new practices have been introduced en masse that was unimaginable to happen on worldwide level. New fashion statements were made with masks and all. Career options were re-considered and altered. New passions were realized that was out of norm before COVID. Forgotten habits and hobbies were re-introduced and everyone have tried to incorporate new ones as well. Novel ways of working were come into picture. New ideas were cooked along with recipes. And parents (not the kids) throughout the world have realized how important physical attendance to school is (for their own semblance of peace). Mostly, time has emerged in abundance as commodity to be utilized for all of the above.

For me, ever increasing reading list (and reading challenge) has been successfully completed and tastefully devoured at the onset of 2022. From reading point of view, number of books I read (as per Goodreads) were highest in 2021. To retain the analogy of “devouring” the books, following is the summary of what “bites” were deliciously packed with flavors and what morsels brought bad taste and indigestion. Statistics and data packaged and freshly served by

Fresh and Tasty: Alan Moore’s Nemo trilogy, J. K. Rowling’s another Cormoran Strike mystery and Keigo Higashino’s masterful mystery were, as expected, fresh and relishing. Soji Shimada was new find for me to follow for “crookedly” crafted closed room mysteries.

Godkiller was brilliant mashup of art and “Mad Max”.

Daily Apatite: You can always bet on dependable strategies. If they don’t win you much, they won’t lose anything also. Some of the books are just like that. If not good, they could not disappoint also. Few volumes of popular manga Battle Angel Alita, Few more Crossed volumes (this course is not for everyone’s liking), Comics of pop-culture franchise such as Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Dragon Age and Hills have the eyes, Dan Simmon’s Novella collection Lovedeath and some more Batman, Wonder woman and Harley Queen fall to such category. In short, food that will be large part of your platter and daily routine. This category claimed most of the books.

Deliciously Succulent: That dish which makes you believe in divine process of food making. For which, you wanted to reverse psychology of “eat food to live”. You want to search and try as many other option as possible that will give the same “orgasmic” pleasure to your taste buds. Some books are just like that. Painstakingly researched and penned, Midnight in Chernobyl by Adam Higginbotham was of that “taste”. Another non-fiction Subconscious was also great read. Most brain shattering experience was Alan Moore’s Providence trilogy.

Will Eisner’s A Contract with God was refreshing read

Promising but Stale: You know such dishes where your expectations played more promising role than the taste itself. Lots of new fictions with great cover design and masterfully crafted blurb had fall short in terms of actual content. Here’s the list: The Boys (well applauded but not my cup of tea), Something in the Water (Here’s secret: There’s nothing), Doomsday Clock (Read Watchmen again instead), All the missing girls (Not sure about girls but plot was missing for sure), The Hunger (I hate to put this book here, but it is), Shutter (At least first 100 pages were fast) and last but not the least Nothing but blackened teeth (This travesty would only bother you for odd 100 pages. Its that short).

Art of the Samurai was something to be experienced
Frank Miller’s third book in the Dark Knight trilogy, Master Race, was redeeming effort than seriously bad previous volume.

Hopefully upcoming days will settle back to normalcy and year 2022 will bring more “delicious stuff” to gorge onto. Till then……

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