Travelog: Washington DC, Day 4, Fallingwater, PA

Last day of our visit to Washington DC could have been dry chunks of long drive from Washington DC to Indianapolis, if otherwise spiced up with rejuvenating detour to Falling water, Pennsylvania. Falling water is one of the masterpiece of world-famous designer-cum-architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s almost 3 hours 20 min (as per Google maps) drive from DC.

Situated amidst lush greenery of Bear run in Appalachian mountains, Falling water was designed and constructed for Kaufmann family as weekend getaway. It follows the organic design elements of Lloyd Wright where the architecture should seamlessly interweave with surrounding nature. Construction initiated in the year of 1936 and completed at the end of preceding year. Stone blocks arranged in slabs to mimic natural rock formations had crude but effective “blocky” build that has clear influence of construction toys Wright has played as child.

Fallingwater was designated as Natural historical landmark by United states in 1976. Fallingwater as its name suggests leave its visitors breathless by embracing natural elements of waterfall around its sheltered but brilliantly open balconies. House was designed to compel its residents to go out. Claustrophobic stone passageways opening up to comparatively massive wide spaces of balconies was simple design element used throughout the house. Even rooms of the house were designed to have large windows or opening to let nature pour in.

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed at Fallingwater during the necessary tour. At the same time, Fallingwater is the place where photographs won’t do any justice. Visit to Fallingwater is treat for all senses and not only visuals.

Fallingwater is epitome of organic architecture where artificial construction has no place and nature can coexist or should I say overcome in de-stressing manner infamous human encroachment.

Date of visit: 03-Sep-2019

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Day 2

Day 3


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