Travelog: Washington DC, Day 3

Tiredness from previous day’s national mall visit had not completely washed away even after night’s good sleep; or even after Starbuck’s dose of caffeine in the next day early morning. Our first stop was the place of the head of USA and hence center point of international power; White house. We observed the White house from Lafayette square park which was the closest distance for the tourists in case of no other political events. Expected ample amount of peaceful demonstration of first amendment of US constitution was on display. It was evident from the protesters that whoever assumes the role of head of the most prolific democracy of the world, have to assume the responsibilities of many other prolonged inherent issues such as peace of the atom, guns law, world economy and much much more.

House of the head of USA. Cordoned at time due to construction work.
Lafayette square park

We took necessary long walking route from Lafayette square towards The Ellipse (southern side of the white house), witnessing massive edifice of Eisenhower Executive office building. National Christmas tree has yet 3 more months to get itself illuminated for December holiday spirit. Hence mandatory tourist glance had been sufficient enough to cover the Ellipse and start walking towards our next planned destination, International Spy museum. It as long walk and sun was blazing in the first week of September. Still National mall’s greens and shades interspersed with intermittent attractions in the form of various architectures had maintained our spirit of not taking any public transport.

Eisenhower Executive office building

Modern but deliciously out of the mold building flagging stark crimson SPY logo at front and with iconic Aston-martin perched comfortably at reception area, International Spy museum could have never been wrong about imprinting its image. Though started with fictional most famous spy of British origin who has “007” as his signature call sign, museum was dedicated to true espionage and super-spy of the world. You might not be aware of them, and that’s the ultimate success of their craft. Starting with most ancient ways of spying, museum would reveal highly advanced techniques and methods of modern spying world. Interactive games at each step of spy-craft as if you would be joining the secretive spy-agency as their new find, made the whole experience pleasant and knowledgeable. It was unique, well-executed and profoundly informative visit to throw some light to this secretive and dark craft (not everyone could be Bond in reality).

It took us almost our whole day to finish everything Spy museum had to offer. Once done, at closing time of museum, we took public bus transport to nearby metro station. Out next objective was to satisfy our hunger literally at Chinatown. Chinatown was nothing but few blocks akin to Chinese street ambiance; most of the stuff in red and with dragons. We had nice ramen kind of bowl and most authentic plant based burgers. We had sweet closer of the day with ice-cream sundaes.

Date of visit: 02-Sep-2019

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