Travelog: Washington DC, Day 1

Last year’s “big bonanza” travel of Bahamas and Florida had overshadowed my four day “little” stint of a visit to capital of United States; The District. It’s about 9 hour drive from Indianapolis as per Google maps. More than political fulcrum of United States, DC had a lot of tourist places to visit apart from towering European-styled edifices served to government purposes. It’s central park design, dotted with attraction in and around it, with signature Washington monument fronting the large fountain area and sprawling park, had lot of influence from similar design of Paris with its world-known tower. What could be better utilization of quarantine time than reminiscing on memoirs of past travels which is the utmost scarcity now at the time of writing due to COVID-19 (and be done with the Travel-log).

Our four day sojourn had to have two stale days of driving ( Indianapolis to Washington DC and back) until you heat it up a little bit with in-between small detours. On the way to DC, we found ours in the name of the palace of gold which is also famously known as new Vrindaban in west Virginia.

History narrates the expulsion of temples pioneer “swami” from well-known ISKCON and re-admittance again in 1998. Most of the aesthetic is if not as good as ISKCON-signatured temples all round the world then almost similar to it. Wide open green pastures dotted with calm lotus covered lakes were more of the visiting plus points for me who was not much interested in its spiritual aspect (or any of other such places). Temple also had well-maintained flower garden and terraces with nice vistas.

New Vrindaban was still nice detour considering the fact that we just wanted something in the way to spend 2-3 hours so that the day can be happily sacrificed with useful conscience. When we reached late night at DC and settled down, we were never wise enough to fathom what was it meant to be tired when it comes to spending two days in DC.

Date of Visit: 31-Aug-2019

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