Happiness in time of COVID-19

I have always been fascinated of enigma called virus. It’s the only entity which can not only keep leash to most evolved but at the same time environmentally arrogant species of this earth but also bring it down to its most ancient form of living; survival. Virus can not only grind the so called humankind’s ego of supreme ruler to mother nature with one swift slap to smithereens but at the same time make them whizzing and choking without an iota of leeway. Virus is the most profound paradox of all time, amalgamation of two most philosophical extremities, life and death. It is classified as living and dead or not both. For me, it’s more complicated than quantum. It’s still the mystery how single-minded nature of virus to make copies of itself  has brought down the apex species of all in terms of intelligence, us humans. Is virus the nature’s answer to our brutal stubborn existentialism ?

Amidst havoc of novel Corona virus and COVID-19 where whole world got self-arrested at home and other isolation wards, initiation of the blog seems more somber and depressing. When everything seems to plummeting down to darkness of uncertainty, let me shine few sparks of navigational light that if not completely root out the pandemic, at least give chance of waiting it out while following social distancing and self-isolation.

Gamer’s paradise

When whole world is suffering from social distancing, gamer community for sure is delighted with opportunity given to spend more time at their gaming machines. It’s time to clear out that back-log. And being gamer myself, I know every gamer has back-log.

Non-gamer have best excuse to get into the best way of entertaining social-distancing medium called gaming. If it’s too much for solo runs, try co-ops and online arena. Its ripe time for soothers and simulators like Stardew valley, The sims, Democracy, Farming simulator, Truck simulator or anything which fancy you. Do not try anything as depressing as plague Inc. or other end of the world scenario games.

Gaming is not confided to only digital. Take out your board-games. Become the true dungeon master again. Teach the D&D rules to grandpa and grandma (or vice versa). Gather your party and have some family board-gaming fun.

Clear out the wardrobe

This basically more applicable to women but I don’t want to sound like a generalization fool and hence men can also indulge into it if they want to. Try to sort out which apparel is old enough to replace. Make good note of it. Once crisis is over, you want to run right away to nearby mall to replenish the stock. Try out each apparel. You’ll surprise yourself with findings of some old stowed away “negligee”.


No, gym is shut-off, hence the privilege of body. Time to take this excuse and have nice food to exercise your mouth and salivating glands. You can retain your conscience and indulge in that nice home-made chocolate cake also.

Bake/cook/lie down

Eating and sleeping is the most basic requirement of body. It’s ancestral DNA had lost its effect with advancements of daily grinding work to earn and with evolution of capitalism. With economical system down with no other option left but to wait out COVID-19, this is best time to revert back to primal instinct. Don’t rush out for special baking ingredients. Try to utilize available resources. Learn new recipe and give it a try. There is ample time for repairing the botch-up.

Read, Read and Read

Readers are another community other than gamer who are delighted to clear all their reading shelves classified as backlog. Or give another go at one of the classics that their reading mind were always pushing them to do since they read them first time.

Pick up new hobby

You know you always wanted to start that hobby which was buried within farthest corners of your mind since childhood. This is the best time to revert back to old hobbies in new manner or just start something fresh. Dust off the canvas and make room for easel. Open the physical or digital diary and start giving the shape to story you always wanted to tell. Read articles around the world that don’t have Corona at it’s centerpiece. Learn something new such as Golden ratio in nature or Neutrino identification projects around

Contemplate and coffee

Brew yourself the best black coffee, get your most comfortable recliner outside (with isolation in practice) and while warming sip of the coffee bring Yogic calmness to your mind, gazing at the stars, try to find answer of the universe or question your life. Best time to contemplate on life and best way to make it bigger and better the next time you are on daily routine.

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