Scary stories to experience in the dark.

Scare 1

Dazed by the neon infused corridors and equally scared by genuinely creepy varied versions of clowns competing strongly with Pennnywise of ‘It’, we emerged to last stretch of a room doused in inky blackness. Rod cells in our retinas were screaming for sliver of a light to work upon. Orientation was all wrong and nowhere near we were in control of our feet provided that we were oblivious to any limbs of us or any movements of them. We were just sifting through darkness. As we moved forward, darkness intensified its hunger to engulf us as whole. It was like travelling through the innards of a beast, just to be chewed and digested and discarded later on with whatever remains. Just then, strobing light pierced through the darkness but not as a relief as what we observed in that fraction of a flashing moment was enough to curdle the blood that was already pumping at its peak. There were shadows, of unknown nature, distinguishably scattered throughout the room. More flashes sparked through. Shadows might have been mannequins or lost souls of previous visitors. We abruptly stopped in our track, mortified to reach for our escape, when we realized that some of them were moving erratically. Guttural sounds coming out of those “things” were added boost to fear we were already facing. This was no fun circus show. This was trap. A trap to make all visitors fear of the clowns (as if they are still funny anymore).

Scare 2

However beautiful woods are in broad daylight, at night such as this, same woods were transformed into something ominous and perilous. Though feeble illumination coming out of candles on the trail and small glowsticks in our hand failed to penetrate darkness beyond few feet, it succeeded to mask fear on all of our faces. Passing through small and dilapidated wooden structure on the way, I scared myself silly while wild woodsman jump on us out of nowhere. Might be he was not happy with intruders stomping his private grounds. He had attempted failed chase but we were fast enough to escape and be guided by trail lights further ahead. We passed through few more empty wooden-log cabins and small shelters so old and decrepit that forest was about to claim them as its own. One of them looked like workable slaughter house due to various skinned animal pelts and limbs hung from the roof. Some of them I failed to identify as part of any living creature and had uncanny resemblance to human being. We could not take risk to face the woodsman by turning back and had to move ahead. If we would have known by that time what was in wait for us, facing wild-man seemed much better option. Not a single soul was brave enough to venture beyond marked path into woods. Dark wood itself was devoid of any other movement or noise. No single nocturnal creature hunting out as if dreading more bigger hunter roaming the woods at that night. Few of the stragglers, already lost their mind in meandering darkness of trail, warned us not to approach further. Finding courage in number, we moved forward till the whirring sound of chainsaw rumbled the whole woods and our hearts with terror…..

Scare 3

It was never the wise choice to enter the abandoned factory building doused in darkness. Factory building we entered was squat building that once had white washed walls in the past but now were marred by dark splotches as if dark unknown entity had claimed the building and its spirit. Not a single soul was visible or even if anyone was there we were in no position to see them as once entered into the building, there was not a single source of light available. Complete blackness greeted us with sound of occasional electricity spark going off in the belly of the factory. Blackness was so intense that it took some effort for us to even move, feeling the pressure of blackness on our bodies and limbs. It was like moving in black quick-send. Only guide to way forward was hefty rope pitoned to walls. When rope was not present then feeling the walls to get though to other end of the corridor as fast as possible. Some of the old machinery was still clanking somewhere in the building, sending the shivers through whole structure as if warning us to abandon our pursuit. Though electricity was not present, air itself was charged enough to send sparks flying through otherwise pitch black passages and rooms. Something was wrong but we were not brave enough to leave guiding safety of the rope and venture forth in darkness to find the truth or cause. Creeping further thus for some time, we didn’t realize that we almost reached the center of the factory where it all begun. With cracking thunder as if end of the whip has shattered the sound barrier, we tasted metallic charged air. Profound sparks of electricity pierced the darkness at various points and as if darkness was bleeding out, in hot white spontaneous blinding moments, our eyes could almost made out something caged and furious….

Scare 4

As soon as we entered the once advanced and fully quipped laboratory, we knew that whatever scientific experiment it was designed for was destined to go wrong. Lab was in complete disarray and science has lost its way along with its scientists. We could not make out much of spoken warning or advice by some of the fleeting lab workers in deafeningly blaring warning signals. White lab coats and drapery was mysteriously stained with obvious red and other variants of crimson. We could not make out the use of other highly advanced tools and machinery that were either short-circuiting or working in erratic manner. Glass vials and beakers were shattered everywhere. And those that were intact had some foul liquid bubbling inside them. It was frenetic dash through the lab that was hellbent on devouring itself. One wrong turn made us observe the section holding the gurneys that were unlucky witnesses of excessive amount of violence, of what kind we didn’t know and we did not want to find out. Running, stumbling, frenetically escaping the crazy scientists, we reached the most secreted section of the lab that was now open to all due to accident. And then onwards what we observed was beyond the understanding of sane mind. Straight out of the stories of the Lovecraft, we were not capable enough to keep observing “it”. Only viable and logical action was to run from it.

If you really want to experience all of the above scares, you need to visit most famous Halloween experience in Indy: Indy Scream park . As fan of all kinds of horror weather its movies or books or events or games, I had to visit this. Though missed out on previous occasions, this year (2021), we managed to get ourselves spooked effectively by visiting this one of a kind scream park. You can relate all of the above to following attractions. All covered under single entry ticket.

Killgores Circus

Back Woods

Nightmare Factory Blackout


Apart from above attraction, you could get healthy dose of zombie shooting in zombie paintball game and swooning dose of booze from Bonzo’s beer garden. Fitting carnival food is also available to satiate hunger. Food, booze, photo-op with pop-culture horror icons and ample amount of scare; what else needed to make Halloween fun for any horror aficionados.

Date of visit: 22-Oct-2021

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