Travelog: Eye in the sky, lake of clouds and circuit of Presque Isle. Pure Michigan Day 4

Following the crude map, handed over to us by receptionist, was proven more difficult than expected given the fact that road we required to turn in was not road in itself.  Unpaved rugged track, decorated with ditch and potholes, shielded on both side by thicket and brambles and width to pass on single vehicle in file on either direction was what we got as a road to our destined location. Riding on such road was digestive enough to what could have been sumptuous breakfast earlier in the morning. We had freshly made French toast and grilled cheese at nice spot in Ontonagon,MI earlier in the day before we left for only ski-flying hill outside Europe; Copper Peak.

Copper Peak

Copper Peak, situated at west end of the Porcupine mountains state park, is basically one of the world’s largest ski-jump ramp. Visitors can take 800-feet chair lift to reach at the base of the ramp or top of the hill from where they had to ride elevator to reach 10-story high observation deck. Unfortunately, chair lift was not working when we visited and had to drive to summit as described before. From observation deck, take safely wire-meshed metal stairs for 8-story more to truly reach at the top start gate. It represents majestic 360 degree vista of surrounding jungle. Summer view was defined with ever stretching canopy of green trees seamlessly fused to blue expanse of sky. You could also observe black veins zigzagging through dense green tops that is black river. Though it would be impossible for us to get the experience of “skiing off” the ramp, we had imitated the experience in lame manner by descending the stairs from all the way from top to crest of the hill.

Copper Peak

By the time we fulfilled with Copper peak, hunger had raised its demand for fulfillment. Before heading back to Porcupine mountain state park, we settled ourselves at Indianhead mountain big snow resort restaurant. As evident from name, resort was scarcely populated but restaurant was well in business. Under brilliant sunlight, few hummingbirds were showing off their fluorescent hues while drinking from nearby nectar feeders. Tiny yellow flowers were exhibiting much needed color in otherwise lush green grass of the hill. Sumptuous meal at such location proved more delicious to belly as well as mind.

Lake of Clouds

Lake of clouds is popular look-out point in Porcupine mountains state park from where you could almost observe the entire park in its full bloomed glory. Picture-perfect location that could be well-admired as profile picture. Great blue lagoon occupying the prime location amongst sea of tree-tops with intermingled threads of black river weaving through the forest would provide much needed inspiration to get on the many trails on offer by Porcupine state park.

Lake of clouds

Presque Isle river trail

Porcupine mountains state park is known for its stamina-exhausting trails. Given the scarcity of time (and stamina as well required for such full length trails) we opted to complete the hiking trail that circuits the Presque Isle river around 2 miles in total. Trail had been hailed as most beautiful natural trails of all. And it did not prove otherwise. Ancient bedrocks carved in mathematically precise circles and curves by rushing water was inquisitive enough along with soothing foamy water, sometimes falling few feet causing small falls, sometimes serenely splashed down via stepped rocks, was equally engaging enough. At some point, we had to cross the semi-dry bedrock where upon we were presented with brilliant vista of rocks, water, tree lines and sky converging to natural excellence at distance.

The convergence in nature

Close to end of the day, witnessing the saffron colored setting sun flavoring the evening sky with slight magenta and pink mutely reflecting over water of Lake Superior, was not only marking the day-end but approaching end of the journey also at small beach nearby our lodge.

Date of travel: 08-Jul-2021

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Travel Plan: Day 0

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