Travelog: Travel back. Pure Michigan Day 5

Unlike Day1, Day5 was devoid of anticipation of travelling to new place due to the fact that after 4 days of beautiful excursion, we were heading back to Indianapolis, IN. Route was different then the one we chose for going to upper peninsula Michigan. While returning back, we decided to take west shore of lake Michigan. There was nothing much to see on day 5 then just long drive back to home from Ontonagon, MI.

Before leaving the beautiful quaint town of Ontonagon, MI, we couldn’t stop ourselves from having the sumptuous fresh breakfast in the morning at Syl’s Cafe in the town. Though not everything was drive. We managed to squeeze in one more spot on the way out of Ontonagon, MI; Bond’s fall. Upper Michigan is rife with all manner of water falls. There are so many scattered around Ontonagon that special map indicating various attractions around Ontonagon mostly dominated under “water fall” legend. Bond’s fall classified under scenic falls. I would be dishonest if I say otherwise.

Bond falls

Boardwalk around the fall would give every opportunity to enjoy the fall from various different angles. Fall itself had conveniently tucked beside rocky outcroppings and greens as if presenting the picture perfect photo background. Thirty minutes were more then sufficient to enjoy the place if one is not looking for any further trail options.

Rest of the day was nothing but passing concrete, tarmac and stuck amongst fumes of other vehicles while passing through outskirts of Chicago to Indiana. Though Indiana is amongst the greenest states of USA, Michigan was definitely the worthy competitor and well chosen travel destination for us this summer of 2021.

Day of Travel: 09-July-2021

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