Travelog: Pure Michigan Day 0

After mandatory travel ban, global or local, previous year due to travel uncertainty, summer of 2021 brought promising time to break the shackles and let the travel bug set free, almost akin to brood X. This summer we choose to embrace nature (as if it’s not enough in abundance all over USA and in its state parks). Hence Michigan it is. Plan was to start from Indianapolis, get to St. Ignace, go further north for famous pictured rocks, travel west towards dense greenness of the great porkies and Ottawa national forests and get back, making the full round of lake Michigan. With lots of famous visiting spots covered in-between and around cities of St. Ignace, Munising and Ontonagon.

Here’s full travel plan (it’s not completely original as I had great help from fellow travelers posting their useful trips on internet)

Day 1

Start from Indianapolis -> visit Silverlake MI -> Reach St. Ignace.

Entrainment factor: Macwoods dune rides at Silverlake, MI. Lighthouse and beach. Drive through Mackinac bridge to St. Ignace.

Day 2

Start from St. Ignace -> Visit Whitefish point lighthouse and shipwreck museum -> Enjoy Tahquamenon falls -> Munising, MI.

Entertainment factor: Not too time consuming but refreshing spots such as Mystery spot, deer ranch and castle rock nearby St. Ignace. Whitefish point beach access and wonderfully unique shipwreck museum. Tahquamenon falls and trails.

Day 3

Start from Munising -> visit kitch-iti-kipi -> Reach Ontonagon.

Entertainment Factor: Pictured rock cruise. Pictured rock state park with its explorable trails. Muldoon’s delicious pasty. Kitch-iti-kipi.

Day 4

Stay at Ontonagon.

Entertainment factor: Copper peak, Porcupine state park, river of clouds and lots and lots of falls in and around Porcupine as well as Ottawa national forests.

Day 5

Start from Ontonagon -> Reach Indianapolis via Chicago

No entertainment factor unless you enjoy your beautiful vacation ended with monotony of the life.

Along with separate blog for each day, I would like to continue the tradition of posting tips and suggestions, I myself learned from my own travel experience.

Rainbow cave of Pictured rock

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