Parks in and around Indianapolis, IN – Part 1

Almost twice a year (except 2020 of course) long trips to various famous visiting locations of United States overshadowed little trips to most abundant weekend visiting spots; various state parks and farms. Here’s collective list of all such state parks along with other much needed information. All listed state parks are those that I covered throughout my stay in Indianapolis, IN. So most of them are in or around Indiana.

Eagle Creek Park


What to expect: Eagle creek park is the largest park in Indiana. About 30 minutes drive from Indianapolis, park could well be best “last-minute” outing option available for residents of Indianapolis. It covers almost 3,900 acres of land and 1,400 acres of water. Plethora of trails, shelters, children’s playground, benches accompanying barbeque stations and open areas give ample opportunities to co-exist with nature.

What to do:

  • Attend earth discovery center during the feeding time and witness feeding of grass snake, turtles, tree frog and other live species.
  • Watch all kinds of birds from adequately placed bird watching area (with necessary bird guide and binoculars ) and if lucky, observe bald eagle in their nesting location across the lake from high-powered looking glass at Ornithology center. Don’t forget to have close encounter with Turkey eagle and Barn owl outside Ornithology center.
  • Go to the the roving center and rent out quality time on the lake via canoe, roving boat or peddle boat.
  • Experience Go Ape treetop zip-line adventure near earth discovery center.

Turkey run state park


What to expect: Approx. 2,400 acre forested area of Turkey run state park is covered with ravines, gorges and centrally running sugar creek. It has some of the most scenic rugged trails passing through creeks. Park could produce wonderful vistas for photographers.

What to do:

  • Trails are one of the positive way of acclimatizing the park. Attempt some good rugged trails.
  • Visit Sugar Valley canoe trip center near the park and rent out canoe or tubes or roving boats. Enjoy short/medium track through sugar creek passing via Turkey run state park. Water is not too dip and you can halt at will to have your own “splashing” time.
  • Visit the park during fall season and enamored with brilliant hues of orange, red and gold on display.

Fort Harrison state park


What to Expect: What it lacks in sheer audacity like Eagle creek or Turkey run, Fort Harrison easily compensate with bundle of joy and surprise with availability and time saving in travel for residents of Indianapolis and chock full of biking trails. It contains lots of good picnic areas and other activities. Impressively laid out park is must visit for bird-watchers and cyclists.

What to do:

  • Enjoy the leisure walk or breezing cycling activity amongst variety of woods including canopy of walnuts.
  • Roll-down the beautiful steep slope covered with lush grass.
  • Go fishing or do the horse trail.

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