Sin City: A hard goodbye

Last day in Vegas. It was a bit of charting away from “symbolic” Vegas attractions. No more betting or bar-hoping. No more slot machines or roulette. Like we want to reshuffle the  impression of Vegas as amazing visiting spot for “sins” it was known for in our mind.

First we visited the unique museum, not only from Vegas standard but world around, having real human body on display with view to its innards in a way which can make doctors go crazy and ogling all over. Pun asides, it was something which you could not experience in such presentable manner. From birth to last stage of life (the death itself), passing corridors would give glimpses of various biological systems with all its participating organs.

Next spot was very famous (and now available at lot many popular visiting spots) Madam Tussaud’s wax museum with very limited “celebrities” (I am gravely offended that they have not included my favorite A Jolie).

As I already pronounced early in this blog that we were specifically looking forward to something which was not “signature” Vegas on our last day. MARVEL’s superhero experience was something like that and beyond expectation. Staff role-playing to visitors as SHIELD agents who wants to recruit new members (that is you) to their secretive group and in turn make you visit various rooms propped with original and “almost-original” replicas of various MARVEL studios designs was believe-it-or-not experience for any superhero (and Marvel) fan. There was captain America’s WW2 motorbike. There were shields and large-scale machine (used in Captain America’s movie also) where  Steve Rogers transformed into superhero. There were full size costumes of Ant-man, black-widow, Nick Fury and various others. And at last whole collection of Iron-man suits;all the versions included along with Hulk-buster armor in its real size. Have I mentioned that there was free demo of very cool VR game to play. In short, it was MARVELous.

Day (along with that Vegas trip also) was concluded with few shopping sprees and lovely sea-food along with local beer.

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