Sin City: Booze, Broads & Burgers

In Vegas, you count your stay in nights. On second night of our visit to Vegas, we choose milder “approach” to experience women’s company; most popular and high-profile night pub: Omnia. After queuing amidst scantily adorned beautiful ladies for almost an hour, entry to pub was more like entering the darkest dungeon for “surprising catch”. All the tropes of night pub was merrily present and if something required to be criticized then it was not registered by our alcohol incapacitated minds.


As the night wore on, heat increased as well the party-goers. Leaving around mid-night, we ventured more in vicinity till decided to retire in company of roulette and Jack. Offering more of “hard-earned” money on the altar of betting God, we decided to call it night. Next day we had already planned to cater our taste buds rather than giving all the pleasure to intoxicated mind and liver.


Next morning we queued up for famous Gordon Ramsey’s Burgers. There were other Gordon Ramsay’s variant also present in Vegas such as Fish & chips and Steakhouse. Burger was delicious and nothing like I had tested before. After satiating the sweet tooth at Hershey’s chocolate factory, day was accomplished without much fanfare till late evening when we decided to take cab and indulge Vegas in old ways at Fremont street.


Fremont experience mainly composed of light show via covered ceiling, old cheap souvenir shops and casinos, live cabaret, a hard rock show, a very weirdly themed but hilarious restaurant (see photos at last), zip line stretching the whole street and lots of old style pubs and bars. Beautiful, nostalgic and unique.

Live show at Fremont

At night, we have secured seats for famous show Mystic, the Cirque du Soleil presentation of jaw dropping live stunts, enchanting music, kaleidoscopic colors, alien costumes and creatures and some of very humorous live pranks with audience.

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