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Celebrate Feminism

First point: This is not a review. As now everyone knows that movie is absolute awesomeness on its own. It is grand opera or should I say waltzing of vehicular mayhem and breath stealing action sequences. Already internet is exploding with very positive reviews and hence there is no need for one more.

I am here to discuss second more profound but less concentrated aspect of the movie; underlying message, clues and wonderfully distributed social message in the name of post-apocalyptic brutality. There may be possibilities of minor spoilers. And anyhow if you are reading this blog before watching the most fun-filled summer blockbuster than first thing is to get yourself booked for conveniently timed show and save yourself from embarrassment for the lifetime.

There is a split over movie likings which was assumed as Mad Max series was definitely not meant for all. But I believe that even in this split where people criticizing with less involvement of Mad Max (brilliantly portrayed by Tom Hardy), movie has won the battle. George Miller, that veteran old experienced mind who had invented Mad Max could not make such mistake of prioritizing down the main character. Nope. He had played brilliantly with audience and have them use the dirty looking-glass he is going to offer to observe the world which he always wanted them to look at. Movie was never meant for Max. It was just beautiful, grand and opulent celebration of feminism. Not in the traditional way, tipping towards extremism but in rightful way of gender equality and some more.

Let me clear the debris from the path. How many post-apocalyptic media has given rightful position to female? Very few in my knowledge. So when Charlize Theron had such brilliant character, carrying the whole movie on her shoulders, it was the irony and the slap for those expectant who wants to see all men spectacle. For true fans, Mad Max movie was defined by world building and characterization. They least bother with otherwise. In such case Fury Road is a triumph. Miller played with audiences’ idea of portrayal of sexism’ in movies, especially men dominant movies and turned it upside down with brilliant stroke as making Max playing supporting hand to Furiosa played by Charlize Theron.

We can see the underlying social commentary of men-dominating world getting destroyed by female characters once they choose to fight back. You can feel the agony of feminist community in the name of “Breeders”. Pain emanating from such “Breeders” in escaping to distant green land. And then those small but significant visual cues such as snapping out of slave chains, old grandma passing on their legacies, mixed race of “Breeders” to represent larger demographic spread and lot more.

Movie has brilliantly conveyed the idea that however crumbled society is, women are absolute necessity to survive as all things precious possible only by them. Whether it’s advancement of generation through “Breeders” or most valuable “Mother’s milk” in terms of Mad Max world. Also there is node towards upbringing of them through unity and compassion toward each other and not from some savior belonging to male community. All along, it was story of Furiosa who led and took initiative to change the course, bunch of scared girls finding courage to fight back and party of grandma’s using their rare wisdom to noble cause. Of course there will be helping like Mad Max but he was moot spectator to rise of new dominion. More than that Max is wiser. Knew where his place is and how he should act. As part of male community do we also have same courage?

PS: Consider the climax scene where Furiosa was raising higher as prominent leader by War-boys children on platform when she gratuitously eyeing Max who was about to get lost in mass of other people. He is commoner meant to do unexpected. This is true definition of heroism.

PPS: One more allegorical signature move of Miller’s cynicism is where Max decides to take on bullet farmer leader on his own with rising audience expectation for one more action sequence. Cut to the next scene he was returning after completing his task with no on-screen action. Why would Miller betray the audience with such sequence when he already shown how spectacular action this movie can have? My interpretation: one more allegorical node to audience that movie is not about men’s expectations. Max is not important here. His actions are in background with all the action is centered around lead female character Imperator Furiosa.


Liebster Award Nomination

liebster-awardEven though I am much more reluctant person to show my social personal side to the cyber or any other social community, Liebster Award is different in a way that you have opportunity to answer creatively to those special questions carefully picked by bloggers who already liked/loved your writing/blogging. So many thanks to nowgenerationcr ( to nominate me and give me chance to contemplate about myself for finding answers.

I found out once I nominated by nowgenerationcr that Liebster Award is for fresh bloggers, giving them exposure to get noticed. It’s really good initiative by blogging community. Love to see fellow blogger helping out each other in every possible way and encouraging them to move forward.

So let me answer the questions now

1. What is your favorite word, and why?

It has to be Science. I can not imagine myself checking out the surrounding and everything else out of context of science. Like every other childhood, I also had lot of curiosity and as I grew up I learned that every curious question can be tackled magically through Science. So my favorite word is Science. It covers and explains everything.

2. Favorite music, and why?

Not much into music at all. It all depends on the mood and ambience. So if I am partying hard at night club than any hard rock is pleasant enough and on next sobering day I would like to listen to any soft tune. Still not musical person at all.

3. What is the one thing you could not live without?

I can live without oxygen, water and food but not without “The Vortex” and “The Storm”. Vortex is my high-end gaming laptop tagged along with me all the time. And Storm is my carefully crafted gaming desktop built with all the care and love. It is realization of my childhood dream. One more thing without which I can not live are Books. If I am not spending time with my mean machines than it has to be books.

4. Why did you name your blog like that?

It’s straight forward choice for me as “Villpower” is my cyber identity. Though there is one small incident in choosing this name as cyber-id. I was in Hamburg, Germany at that time. We had this fun outing one day for go-karting and everyone had to choose alternative name for display. This was the word I spontaneously came up without any deep thought and it stuck up with me so well that everyone chose to call me by that name by the time I returned. Hence I picked up the same for my cyber identity.

5. What do you think is your secret superpower?

I think my superpower is restlessness of my brain. If I’m not sleeping than I need to keep feeding my brain all the time. I have to keep it involved with something. I also noticed one peculiar ability of my mind to coming out tough as much pressure/tension applied to it. It works in direct proportion to stress. Though it takes some toll in process but always gives me boost to work when odds are not in my favor.

6. Morning person: yes or no?

Absolutely not. A person having heavy reading and gaming passion could only be morning person if he already stretched through whole night. I do that many times.

7. Favorite memory of childhood

It can not be singular but I really loved those days of early childhood when I was eagerly waiting for my father to arrive home from office just to explore that office bag of his for special surprises. Mostly it was monthly knowledgeable magazines and books but that was pure fun of anticipation.

8. What is one thing you really hate to do?

Attending the social gathering due to no other alternative, getting the most unusual stare from distant relatives and at the same time bombarded with most illogical questions of all time whose answers are known to everyone. No, I hate most is I have to answer those. Family and close friends gatherings are different though as they know me well and don’t bother. 🙂

9. Tea or coffee?

Nothing can beat the strong aroma of grinded coffee beans and mug full of coffee to start the day.

10. Best advice you have ever receive?

It was from my father when I was child but I still remember and follow it. He said that Never give too much important to type of work. What is important is how you do it. Whatever it could be, try to give 100% of you. It will always pay off.


Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you. – Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too. – Nominate ten other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you. – Answer the ten questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make ten questions of your own for your nominees. – Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.

My ten questions are:

  1. If choice given, which fantasy land you want to live in ?
  2. What 5 words others find fitting to you ?
  3. What superhero/fictional character you want to be ? Why ?
  4. What is your favorite supper villain ?
  5. Which place on earth you want to visit once in a lifetime ? Why ?
  6. Sports: indoor or outdoor ?
  7. Food that you always want to test and never had chance.
  8. Tequila or wine or scotch ? What’s your favorite poison ?
  9. Advice you always want to give to your grandchildren or next generation.
  10. Who’s your favorite author and book ?

Following are my nominations

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Whoever already nominated before can break the cycle. Consider my nominations as appreciation 🙂

Thanks nowgenerationcr as I used almost same template as yours for the post. Thanks again for nomination.

Versailles: Grand goodbye to Paris

“Let them eat cake.”

Once very famous (though without evidence) quote from the mouth of majestic kingdom queen would be appropriate paradoxical start to this blog. You may not understand the serious gravity of such ignorance from Queen Marie Antoinette and hence of French Monarchy when one of the most violent revolution brimming to burst out until you witness true majestic grandeur of French empire at Palace of Versailles.

Last day of my Paris visit had a clash between Versailles and Notre Dame. I had to choose only one as either of them having charm of eating away whole of your day in an instant. There was no particular reason I remember in opting Palace of Versailles apart from very eye-catching glimpses special created to get the attention of travelers of Palace of Versailles; all bathed in golden glory and royal interiors spilling out with grandeur (Specially Hall of Mirror). By the way, Palace of Versailles is huge sprawling mansion not only containing main king palace but entire area covered to the brim with absolutely breathtaking gardens, fountains, sculptures, mazes, lakes, ponds and also Queen’s expensive and carefully crafted Petit Hameau, a Utopian hamlet. Big, massive, sprawling, stupendous all these words had to feel shame on their meaning in not justifying the real size and nature of palace of Versailles. So pathetic the feeling was to capture all in still images of limited size, but still I tried my best to express the grandeur of one of the most iconic place in history. Enjoy following tiny slice of what I captured; be the royal guest of having tiny slice of the “Cake”.

Gold encrusted royal entrance to palace
Gold encrusted royal entrance to palace
Amalgamation of grandeur and art : Hall of Mirror
Amalgamation of grandeur and art : Hall of Mirror
Hall of Mirror is cramped with artistic arches, large vaulted windows, chandeliers, gilded sculptures and impressionistic art covered ceiling through entire 240 ft. length
Hall of Mirror is cramped with artistic arches, large vaulted windows, chandeliers, gilded sculptures and impressionistic art covered ceiling through entire 240 ft. length
Palace's garden facing part is adorned with large fountain area with sculptures situated around it.
Palace’s garden facing part is adorned with large fountain area with sculptures situated around it.
One of the small beautiful design aesthetic of large maze.
One of the small beautiful design aesthetic of large maze.
Versailles Palace from front
Versailles Palace from front
This is just the glimpse of sprawling walk you need to take from Queen's chalet to the Palace with cramped gardens and fountains and statues sprinkled in most artistic way for you to find out through massive four quadrant garden maze.
This is just the glimpse of sprawling walk you need to take from Queen’s hemlet to the Palace with cramped gardens and fountains and statues sprinkled in most artistic way for you to find out through massive four quadrant garden maze.
Sprawling walk view once reached to palace from queen chalet.
Sprawling walk view once reached to palace from queen hamlet.
Art oozing  out of every nook and cranny. One of the statue in massive courtyard of palace.
Art oozing out of every nook and cranny. One of the statue in massive courtyard of palace.